MAPTA: Mid-Atlantic Physical Therapy Associates

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There are several ways to contact MAPTA. We'd love to hear from you. Please use the contact methods below to send us comments, address updates, request your name be added to our mailing list, inquiries about the Resource Library and anything else you can think of.



1634 Autumnwood Drive
Reston, Virginia 20194

Tel: 703-437-8011
Fax: 703-709-5134

Resource Library

MAPTA Resource Library
Attn: Larry Grine
1634 Autumnwood Drive
Reston, Virginia 20194


MAPTA membership is $40.00 per year and includes immediate discounts on course tuition, use of the MAPTA Resource Library, access to our study group sessions, and the ability to receive 50% off tuition on any previously attended MAPTA-sponsored course.

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